Radioisotope - Fume Hood

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These fume hoods are specially designed for creating a safe environment when working with radioactive isotopes. Built on the skeleton of the Inventa model the fume hood incorporates a number of design features that keep you safe

  1. Stainless steel 304 lining and work surface that facilitate thorough cleaning to avoid radioactive material build up.
  2. Reinforced counter top to support lead bricks - work surface designed to support 90 kgs psf up to a total weight of 450kgs per Hood.
  3. All seams welded and ground smooth to eliminate the build up of radioactive materials.
  4. Stainless steel work surface welded to the lining, making the liner and work surface integral and water tight
  5. Option to have HEPA filter assembly connected in the exhaust duct work.
  • Suitable for: Radioactive material research
  • Installation base: More than 200 installed all over India & abroad
  • Special features: SS 304 liners, Heavy load bearing capacity (for lead bricks), HEPA filtration in the ductwork
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