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Why LabGuard?
  • Innovation and
  • Ergonomics
  • Quality Control
  • In house component
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Innovation & Automation
Our dedicated automation and design team which has developed a number of innovative and useful features into our products. Such as:
  • Automatic sash system.
  • Step-VAV system.
  • Temperature controller & stirrer regulator system.
  • Automatic fire extinguisher system.
  • Timer system for fume exhaust.
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Human Factors are a key element of our design philosophy. Electrical connections and flow valves are easy to reach. Controls are intuitive and easy to understand. Our equipment is also easy to maintain and install. We strive to streamline your work environment so that you work better.
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Quality Control
At LabGuard, QC begins from the very first step of fabrication. We have a dedicated QC team and checks are conducted at every step of manufacture, with rigorous requirements for every stage. Some of the key quality control processes followed at the LabGuard Plant are:
  • Blower testing
  • Electrical circuit testing
In testing the powder coating various tests are conducted, including salt spray test to making sure that every component outstanding coat quality.
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In-house Component Manufacture :
While manufacturing critical systems every detail deserves attention. At LabGuard we prefer to fabricate most of our components in-house including complex components as centrifugal blowers and utility valves. This is one of the key factors behind the stellar performance of our fume hoods and laboratory furniture.
Our Principles
The principles we zealously follow are :
Integrity - We follow highest standards of professionalism and deal in a manner that is fair and honest
Quality control: Assured peace of mind (Process of design to execution inbuilt with checks and balances). No compromise on quality; whatever it takes
Ergonomics – Our design philosophy is anchored on the human interface of our products. Design of product, as well as lab layout, is done with the objective of providing streamlined and ergonomic work environment for the end user
Customisation: Though we have best in class range of products, we know that there are instances where a customer needs a solution design around unique challenges &organizational objectives. We co-create such customized solutions & we are the best in our business.
Complete solutions approach: Understanding your requirements is crucial to giving you the best possible solution. This is why our sales team consists of technically trained professionals who understand you and have developed a solution provider mindset.
LabGuard Management Team
Leaders are as good as the team and vice versa.
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At LabGuard we have gathered individuals who collectively and individually represent & implement the innovation and quality mantra of the company.
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With over 3 decades of experience , the team which is equipped with the latest knowledge from around the globe- no wonder the new product is created with every six months.
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Apart from the service teams in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gujarat, we have representatives in Australia, Oman, Bangladesh, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria, Ghana - giving us an extensive reach globally.
Our reach
We are present worldwide to meet your design, installation and after-sales service requirements.
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Media Releases :
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Testimonials :
Words of praise from those who matter.
A testament to our success is the praise that we have received from our clients. It is these words of encouragement that prompt us to reach further and further and constantly redefine standards.
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Johnson Matthey Chemicals (I) Pvt. Ltd.

We have found that the workmanship of fume hoods & lab furniture is excellent.

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Hindustan Platinum

The system is working satisfactorily to date and there has been no need for breakdown calls.

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National Chemical Laboratory

The LabGuard team was proactive in their help and has given us excellent service. Till date we have not faced any major problem system.

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Bhabha Atomic Research Center

Excellent job, we are totally satisfied with the system.

Nods of praise from across the world.
We are proud of providing products to some of the most demanding clients in India and across the world
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