ASHRAE Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hood

ASHRAE Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hood

When Fume Hood Manufacturers in India brings something special to you, it becomes very important for everyone to read, understand and apply for their laboratory working system. Today we want you to understand all about ASHRAE Testing used widely for knowing and testing the performance of Laboratory Fume Hood.

What is ASHRAE?

ASHRAE, the full form is American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. The product itself is an international sustainable technology to build a friendly environment while working around chemicals.

The testing system called ASHRAE builds system for smooth and safety function. It is energy efficiency, indoor air quality and sustaining abilities that can be in your residential or for other personal vehicle HVAC systems in Commercials like airplanes or other scientific laboratories. Now to test the best functions of Laboratory Fume Hoods.

What is the Purpose of Using ASHRAE?

The only purpose of ASHRAE is to create and publish a standard criterion for testing the performance of design that is used in the laboratory for various activity.

The best of it’s use is very important and so very special to use this product to maintain the value of safety and high-quality usage.

How ASHRAE is Used for Testing Laboratory Fumes?

ASHRAE 110 is the standard for standard product used for testing the fume hood in any laboratory. The ASHRAE is not only used by the manufactures but also in the informal criteria for purchasing a fume hood for many labs.  

The method of testing is very simple and effective that is done by evaluation and certification for fume hoods after being installed. Later the tool identifies the problems that is existing in fume hoods or HVAC system installation.

Know the three keys areas:

1. Face velocity measurement.

Face velocity measurement requires more reading of points that shows the average face velocity that a fume hood can maintain. It also checks the airflow around the hood.

2. Smoke visualization.

Smoke visualization test is taken for both small amount/ volume or large volume of smoke to clearly visualize how the air moves within the fume hoods. Additionally, the airflow as showed by the tool shows turbulence in front of the hood that is severely caused by the room environment. And this can also show the bad effects if there is any contamination. It will show the leaking as well. Contact us for your testing of fume hoods, get it now! It’s never to late to apply the safety precautions.

3. Tracer Gas Containment.

The ASHRAE product is easily available to maintain the best laboratory fume hood. The tracer gas containment testing actually determines the levels of the contaminated surrounding that is bad particles in fume hoods in the areas where you directly face and breath zone.

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