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Lab Furniture Manufacture in India is today highly established in many sectors of the Indian Market. You see how technology is coming in the right place to speed up daily activities like testing, cleaning, and treatments. All these are very important for many healthcare hospitals, clinics, and companies to maintain a high-quality atmosphere and surroundings. It’s always good to keep the class and style in which there is safety, security, and smart action to serve its needs. 
Providing some excellent lab furniture, we are excited to show you our unique products like fume hoods, modular lab furniture, storage cabinets, and other lab essentials. You can check out some interest facts and benefits of each product.

Fume Hoods

Fume Hoods are also called fume closets. You name it a device or a cabinet, which is local ventilation, which is in use to restrict exposure to hazardous or other toxic fumes, vapor or another dust particle. Today different types of fume hoods are available. 
 They include high-performance fume hoods, the specious fume hoods or for acid application, educational fume hoods, radioisotope, walk-in hoods, green fume hoods, glove port fume hood and many as follows. You can order now! 

Modular Lab Furniture   

We also provide some exclusive Modular Lab Furniture like Flexis C Frame systems, sliding frame system, Actis Pedestal based lab furniture, educational lab furniture, stainless steel furniture, anti-vibration table, and according to the customized requirement. 

The benefits are as follows – 

  • Smart design 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Effective storage 
  • Saves lots of space 
  • Looks elegant

Storage Cabinets

With high-quality service, we manufacture the most trending storage cabinets like general chemical storage, polypro cabinet, flammable material storage, highly corrosive chemical storage, slotted angle racks, glassware/ file storage cabinets, overhead storage cabinets, and some overhead file storage cabinet for Island. This year in 2020, there is a lot more customized style as per the need of clients. 

Benefits of Storage Cabinets –

  • Well managed for many equipment’s and documents for medical company or hospitals 
  • Easy Accessibility 
  • Spacious and more adjustable according to the products need to keep

Lab Essentials 

There are many lab essentials required to maintain some small parts of machine or technology devices or even application equipment. These lab essentials include passbook, utility taps, utility nozzle, spot extractors, acrylic hood, eyewash and safety showers, eyewash, lab stools, lab chairs, SS Canopy Hood and many as needed. Further, you can make sure to order according to the customized requirement. We are one of the best Lab Furniture Suppliers in India, proud to serve more than 20 years in the Market. 

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