Choosing right fume hoods for your laboratory

Choosing right fume hoods for your laboratory


This is important to select right fume hood for your application. Some salespersons as well as lab user sometimes miss guided by wrong information before buying Fume hood. Here are some important tips:

1.Application of the Hood:

It is important to know the reaction to be carried out inside the hood. Labguard fume hoods are manufactured based on the real time input. Internal liner, working top and all other accessories are selected based on the application. Some highly synthesis lab needs ceramic whereas general chemistry hood can be handled by phenolic resin compound.

Application of the hood is also varied industry wise, for pure research lab need Inventa – Lx or Adventa where teaching lab needs 3 sides glass optima hood, which is much cost effective.

(reader should check the specification of the hoods at

2.Size of the hood

The size of the hood is determined by the usage of the instruments inside the fume hood. A standard 5 feet Inventa hood can accommodate 3 nos basic instruments, but the new generation Adventa can accommodate 4 nos such instruments.

The size also linked with entire lab space and lab ventilation. More the fume hood more will be the make-up air and lot of ducting. All this factor to be cross verified while selecting hoods. Some big instruments or distillation need special size cabin. The kilo lab needs tailor made hood to accommodate the reactors.

3.Fume hood Base cabinet

Not all base cabinets can handle hazardous acids base or solvents. The common myth is that the base cabinet is a place for storing all the chemicals because it is ventilated. This is not true as fume hoods are running only 1 or 2 shifts, so the fumes scattered during idle period damages enough to the base cabinets.

User should be specific for the purpose of base cabinet, if it is purely acid then dedicated ventilation as well special liner is needed. Same for the solvents. It was observed that base cabinet get corroded within 6 months because of the wrong practice and user blames on poor quality.

4.Energy Saving of the hood

The fume hood should follow global standard, Either American or European. Labguard fume hood comply both the standards. Based on this, lot of energy saving accessories can be considered for the hood. Labguard hoods are capable of handling very low constant volume which is useful for air condition lab. Apart from that VAV can be fitted in each hood. The most useful energy saving accessories for fume hood is auto sash. They will bring down sash if no human movement is there in front of the hood.

Co-relation of exhaust with supply air is important. Labguard offers duct pressure transducers which will reduce exhaust air from the lab by opening a bypass of the main duct. This is known as bleeding of air. During this time a room pressure controller gives signal to the AHU to modulate the speed.


Human safety and product safety both are important. Keep these factors in mind labguard fume hood are featured with lot of optional items. Ceiling mounted fire extinguisher 7-point active kinematics etc. are the common feature which was accepted by the industry. For product safety Labguard have glove port fume hoods. The material of gloves is suitable for handling all hazardous chemicals

Labguard hood are comply with ASHRAE 110 2016 as well as EN 14175. The EN certificate gives additional features for inner containment.


The scientific industry has changed every day and application has also changed rapidly. The subject needs lot of inputs and case studies. The above discussions are purely derived from the overall experience in this industry.

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