Exploring ways of Retrofitting old labs

Laboratory Redefined

Retrofitting of your old lab is an often disillusioned task. Every work space needs an overhaul from time to time.

The optimal overhaul time for laboratories is between 8 to 10 years.

Several different criteria could be the reason for the revamp.

Space constrains, old technology, worn off materials, old furniture systems, nature of work and type of research undertaken and demand for lab certifications.

At LabGuard we have undertaken many such challenging spaces that helped revive the lab into a well-functioning workspace.


Challenges faced while performing Lab Modifications

Successful laboratories are a result of extensive planning. While we face challenges from tight timeframes to bringing all stakeholders on board, co-ordination between all teams, structural limitations in the building, etc., we focus to create safe and efficient work environment for the scientists, technicians and researchers.

If you are planning for lab modifications, you are at the right place. Updating an old lab into a new one is surely a huge task to undertake.

We at LabGuard have the knowledge and technical expertise to take you to a safe finishing line.


With meticulous planning like:

  • Spatial planning that give flexible functioning,
  • Furniture planning with maximum space utility,
  • Different types of casework planning (fixed and flexible)
  • The nature and types of chemical storage spaces
  • Lab equipment replacement for future working
  • Plumbing, HVAC & utility piping


all ensuring maximum safety and functionality for the researchers.

Demonstrated below are some of the challenges and their solutions that we recommended.


Challenges at site



Project deadlines & requirements


  • Time schedule: 3 months from design to completion
  • Only 1 engineer, 3 supervisors and battery of technicians
  • Scope: Design, supply and installing of furniture, fume hood, HVAC, Utility piping


…and the metamorphosis

A well planned lab with the latest equipment



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