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We are sure if you are medical company or a healthcare institution or even a school teaching into sciences and believes in the development of medicines and healthcare products for good safety of Human being. Well we are happy to announce the most awesome products into lab designs which includes one part called fume hoods. Our services and products are available in many areas like Borivali, Boisar, Palgahar, Virar, Vasai, Goregaon, Andheri and other localities in Mumbai, India.

To get the best services for your Laboratory design you need to understand few basics, sometimes we totally understand how and why.

What is Fume Hood for Lab Furniture and Equipment?

Sometimes it’s called fume cupboard or even fume closet. Check out on or even our greater number of blogs already posted. The fume hoods are the ventilation device that are purely designed to limit or restrain or provoke and stop the exposure of hazardous or toxic fumes, toxic vapours or toxic dust to enter the storage called fume hoods. Like fume hoods there are many other chemical storage cabinets, modular lab furniture or many other are purely supplied for excellent growth of each company and medical care organization and institutions.

What are the three hazardous fumes or other that can contaminate chemicals and substances?

There are many gases which can be very harmful while you are medically handling many chemicals. Fume hoods are a great help to your storage from getting exposed with these following hazardous compounds.

  1. Carbon Monoxide
  2. Chlorine
  3. Nitrogen Dioxide
  4. Phosgene

The More Understanding on Fume Hoods, Call Us to Get Modular Design for Your Company

You should feel the positive benefits of the fume hoods for human life safety. The one who has taken precautions will easily help you to be free off accidents and incidents occurring due to the reactions of chemicals.

A fume hoods is a good type of a large part or a space design to enclose with five sides of a work area. Now there are two important types that exist, one type is ducted designed and or type is ductless.

Interestingly the principle for both have same effects like the air is drawn in from the front (open) side of the cabinet storage fume hood, and either type is expelled outside the building or made completely safe through filtration and fed again in the place back into the room.

This is used to for the following-

  • To protect the user – person using and handling the chemicals from inhaling toxic gases that can be a danger for you or other person (fume hoods, bio-safety cabinets, glove boxes)
  • To protect your product or experiment’s which you operate (bio safety cabinets, glove boxes)
  • To protect your environment from chemicals and other strong odors

Now the best part of these products is it is called chemical laboratory furniture provided by our company in many locations of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

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