Find the safest Fume Hood in India

Safest Fume Hood

Why Safety is the first for Fume Hood

Fume hood is the closed cabinet where all chemical reactions are performed. During this lot of hazardous fumes generated. Proper mechanisms are needed to  extract that toxic fumes and clean the laboratory. Some fumes are exothermic some are flammable. Any explosion can damage the property and user. Hence there will not be any compromise on that.

Labguard fume hoods are built with all safety concern.


Labguard strictly follow ASHRAE 110- 2016. All fume hoods are type- tested as per this standard in the 3rd party test lab as well as in-house lab facility. Labguard team also checked performance of the fume hood at site as per standards.

Safety Glass

Fume hood sash is made of safety glass that protects the user from any explosion inside the hood

Auto Sash

Labguard fume hoods are fitted with high quality sensor with motorised sash movement. This will be closed down the sash if users are keep the sash open for quite some time. The auto sash also in-built feature to keep the glass hold in case of anybody keep their hands inside the hood.

Auto Fire Extinguisher

This is very much useful for exothermic reaction. If the temp inside the fume hood increases due to fire the automatic fire extinguishers starts functioning and douse the flame.

Wash-Down System

Some fume hoods especially perchloric acid hoods needs immediate cleaning system system in the fume path as it creates stickiness in the surface which ultimately choked the duct. Labguard fume hoods are equipped with such system to ensure that your Fume hood is working in healthy condition.

Safety Check

Labguard has a strong work force spread across country to support their client at the minimum possible time. They trained the user, validate, and do the servicing of the fume hood system.

The last but not the least, it is the years of practical experience which makes Labguard a pillar in the Indian Scientific community a great support. Labguard seriously concern about the safety of the lab user because they are the front runner in the drug discovery.

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