Fume hood specialist in Mumbai with new smart technology

Fume hood specialist in Mumbai with new smart technology

LabGuard is the pioneer manufacturer in India for world class fume hood and modular lab furniture. The new generation flexible lab concept was started by LabGuard.

More than three decades of experience, LabGuard has its own manufacturing unit near Mumbai having latest machinery. It has a fully automatic powder coating plant.

The in-house fume hood testing facilities is also another jewel-in-the crown.

Day by day as we are using latest technology, LabGuard is also upgraded their products. The simple fume hood with glass sash has modified to automatic sash closing, automatic fire extinguisher, wash down system for perchloric acids are the few to be named with.

To cater with hostile environment fume hood construction material also changed from ferrous to non- ferrous compound. LabGuard has launched Polypro fume hood made from imported PP sheet for extreme acidic application.

Saving air-conditioned air in the lab is the biggest challenge and for that LabGuard fume hood is made on low constant volume principle. This takes very few airs from lab and control the contamination. The fume hoods are compatible with latest air flow control technology which can reduce air intake from the lab. Full VAV and step VAV are the new concept in smart lab air control technology which are quite used in LabGuard hoods.

As the entire lab building are considered a safe zone, all the parameters like supply and exhaust air, utilities, electrical receptables, scrubber system, fire alarm system are linked together. This is known as Lab Building technology (LBD). LabGuard fume hoods are adaptable with this LBD which is a part of BMS.

The reaction inside the fume hood can be controlled by controller which will be fitted in the fume hood and it controls the reaction instrument by sensing the reaction temperature.

So, in a nutshell LabGuard is following the trend to move towards better lab environment.

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