Global Exporters of Lab Essentials in This Times of Advancement

Global Exporters of Lab Essentials in This Times of Advancement

We are India’s leading lab supplier and equipment manufacturers, distributors in Mumbai, India.  There also many other products like spot extractors, lab stools, lab chairs and many other as such. Today we if you are reading this important blog, please note all the product and service information are 100% authentic and is more valuable in the market. You can easily contact us if you require more details or an products or services.

What We do for You as Our Customer?

At LabGuard we are able to sustain and restore many Laboratories that are old or need renew style and design for their production level. According to the medical study, “The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has the final list that says in India there are 176 government and 78 private laboratories.

Now over 70% of are still not aware of all the many advanced levels of lab supplies and equipment like SS Canopy Hood, Spot Extractors, Lab Stools and there are many as such. Few of them have actually made it worth the design and the look along with best services.

We are Looking for You to take the Best Services from Us

While there are many products which we would love to show you according to your requirment and costing, we would first require your details and systems of the lab that is installed in your laboratory. We would also like to do some research and analyse of your product and services. This will help us to renew your thoughts and actions to reflect a better purpose while you are working.

Check out for SS Canopy Hood, Spot Extractors, Lab Stools, Lab Chairs and many other as such.

SS Canopy Hoods

Some of the excellent SS Canopy Hood are found at LabGuard. SS Canopy hood is the kitchen hood or called exhaust hood, cooker hood, vent hood and there are man names as called in other countries. Other names also include like cooking canopy, fume extractor and electrical chimney. The product is widely used in United Kingdom and Singapore, as well as Canada and United States. Other countries where these are used for personal home use as well as more in laboratories is in Australia and New Zealand.

Lab Stools

Lab Stools is yet another device or tool that is more of a supportive and useful thing in the laboratory or for other use. You will easily see theses stools in many areas like the airport, station or hospital. The quality of this product is more useful and widely used for safety.

Spot Extractor

Spot Extractor us a local exhaust system used in medical and healthcare laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, unit and other such environments. The product protects both the user the atmosphere surrounding as it removes the contaminated air by the ventilation.

Lab Chairs  

Lab Chairs are the most useful one’s for everybody studying, working or being in the atmosphere where is a need of this type of chair. Now if you are really wanting this chair, you want for your school, institutions or other, please call us and talk to our experts.

Contact Details

You can directly call or message or email us! Get the best from us and from our service providers! or call all us +91-7506042435 email-

Stay tuned! We are happy to help you!

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