How to Use Laboratory Fume Hood Effectively

How to use laboratory fume hood effectively

The very basic question that is asked is, “Why to use Laboratory Fume Hood Effectively?” Today Fume Hood Manufacturers and Suppliers have wonderfully set the design and structure for Laboratory systems upgrade. The basics to advancement levels explains that inhaling while there are chemical reactions are taking place is the major problem for the human and the atmosphere.  So, its always better to use Fume Hoods.

Why it is useful?

Fume Hood are a great help for everyone who are working in the laboratory and around it. Often workers come across chemical reactions and chemical gases that are a big-time danger for everyone. Fumes Hood helps to keep a complete distance from chemical and harmful things that can cause heavy breathing or even respiratory problems leading to other health issues.

How to use these Fumes Hoods effectively?

While you can use this Fumes hoods in various science departments, you should keep in mind to follow few things –

  • Include all the activities that involves hazardous materials in a fume hood.
  • Check the fume-hoods before you are using it.
  • Check the airflow with a paper strip or tissue.
  • Avoid all those things that are not matching the fume hood criteria.
  • Keep working at least 15cm from the fume hoods.

How to take care properly while working in a chemical surrounding?

While you use the fume hoods in Laboratory, you also need to take care for other things like-

  1. Keep the working area cleaner and freer that should be uncluttered.
  2. Never play any jokes or pranks in chemical areas.
  3. Always use measures and never avoid the following-
  • The ongoing chemical reactions in laboratories, take it seriously and work with care and safety.
  • Exposed items such as needles, razor blades, etc.
  • Check for the energized electrical, heating equipment, mechanical or other substances that needs more attention and care.

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