Importance of Fume Hoods in Laboratory Setup

Importance of Fume Hoods in Laboratory Setup

In spite of advances in technology, when it comes to working with hazardous materials, scientists need to work in an area that has chemical fume hoods.

A fume hood exhausts vapours from toxic or hazardous materials away from a work area so the users in the area are protected. Proper ventilation is key to ensuring any contaminated air is effectively removed from the Lab. Without fume hoods, lab user may experience adverse effects from working. If harmful vapours are inhaled, the results could be disastrous.

If fumes are left in the area, there are chances of explosions, fires, burns, or even chemical absorption. Labs should be equipped with proper fume hoods before any work is done inside & ensure all lab users are working safely with potentially harmful materials.

Its necessary that fume hoods are inspected to ensure they’re working properly before any experiments are run & important to remember that fume hoods should only be used to remove toxic fumes from the Lab, they should never be used to store chemicals or equipment. This could be troublesome, so chemicals and equipment should be stored properly. And fume hoods should always be regularly calibrated & inspected by professionals to ensure they adhere to all guidelines and standards.

Fume hoods make it easy for scientists to work with hazardous materials in a safe environment. When used properly, fume hoods can be a vital asset to any laboratory setup.

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