Lab Setup For Education

Lab Setup for Education

Design consideration for School Science Laboratory

The teaching technique are changed rapidly as the universities offer more realistic teaching technique every day. Since setting-up of a high-profile laboratory is a cost burden to the authorities as well as students, a more useful and functional lab design is in high demand. More syllabus is depending on practical training more than theory to get better in-depth knowledge of the

Parameters for Lab designing

1.Lab Identification:

It is important to know the no of labs needed for the university with total capacities of student, Days will come soon where Math Lab, Languages Lab will be there along with conventional physics, chemistry, biology and computer lab.

2.Space Planning

All the labs need separate space planning. But one thing will always common that, you must consider teaching zone and practical zone. Flexible lab design is the best option. They are different form of flexible lab design based upon the ratio of are and students.

3.Basic Utility

In chemistry lab each student needs easy access to sink as well as keeping storages for their glassware and notebook. Physic lab need tabletop with no magnetic materials. Biology lab special top which will be anti-microbial. Keeping Bunsen burners as well as electric socket is also must. Chemistry lab needs proper exhaust on the table top as most of the students make titration on the table top. Lattice rod also need on the table top.


Storing of chemicals especially hazardous acids and solvents should be kept in a dedicated area. Proper signage is needed to locate that.


An academic lab needs less instruments then a research lab but it needs lot of reference books, hence a library is important for all the labs. Most of the architect has plan an audio-visual room inside the lab. This will help to get more information within the lab


If forced ventilation is a cost barrier, proper planning is needed for ventilation. This is most important in chemistry lab. Localised exhaust as well as room exhaust fan is a best a best option.

7.Safety Audit:

Periodic lab safety audit is important. It will ensure that room is well ventilated, fume hoods are working as per standards protocols, safety cabinets are properly functional. All eye washers are working, fire extinguisher is in working condition. This will avoid serious health hazards for long run.

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