LabGuard Fume Hood Series – Unbeatable Safety, Unmatched Value.

LabGuard Fume Hood Series - Unbeatable Safety, Unmatched Value.

When it comes to fume hoods, few names are as trusted and respected as LabGuard. An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, we are industry leaders in terms of technology and functionality. Our fume hoods comply with both ASHRAE and EN standards, ensuring a safe work environment for you. We offer several optional features in fume hoods that greatly increase product functionality and safety.

All LabGuard fume hoods come with an Active Kinetics flow system design as standard. A LabGuard innovation, Active Kinetics systems give you complete safety (ASHRAE test passed) at lower airflows, reducing blower energy requirements as well as ducting installation costs.

Also, compliance with ASHRAE 110:2016 & EN-14175:2003.


Next Generation Technology

Inventa LX and Inventa EX are our international range of fume hoods. Both hoods integrate the latest in fume hood technology and feature next generation aesthetics The LX model incorporates components from premier international vendors while the EX model incorporates indigenous components. Whether you choose the LX or the EX model, the Inventa series of fume hoods bring to you the highest standards of safety and functionality.


The Optimized Solution

Adventa Series Fume Hood is LabGuard’ s new invention in the series of next generation Fume Hoods. The major advantage of Adventa over Inventa is the horizontal space in Fume Hood without compromising on any technical points. It is fitted with all latest and generation next technologies and aesthetics. It comes under LX model only with incorporated components from premier international vendors.

All the utility valves, Electrical control has been shifted towards the base cabinet in drawer like construction for better operation, easy access and single hand maintenance.


The PP Fume Hood

India’s first fully featured Polypro fume hood. Made of high quality imported Polypropylene sheet. Complying all international standards. Extremely good for highly corrosive application i.e. Jewellery Industries, Acid Digestion, Mining Industries and Testing Labs. We also offer many optional features developed by us inhouse, with great lower energy consumption and adds safety to your lab.


Exclusive Neutrodine® Molecular Filtration Technology

Green fume hood is a new range of hood introduced by Labguard, which is ductless.

It is a green fume hood filtration technology from Erlab, which is been integrated with Labguard Fume Hood.

Tested in accordance with: AFNOR NF X 15 211 EN 14175-3 ASHARE 110:2016


Safety for All

This is a model designed for use in academic and low duty settings where hazards are known and understood. It is extremely spacious and employs a no-frills approach to fume hood design to give academic institutions and start-ups a product that is exactly suited to their needs.


This model is physical barrier to protect end user from hazardous material as well as carcinogenic reaction. Full isolation of sample with end user and easy access to the reaction. Easy hatch back system to change the reactions. Available in all adverse Chemical resistance inner linear material.

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