Laboratory Equipment That Can Fight COVID – 19

Laboratory Equipment That Can Fight COVID – 19

All the Covid- 19 testing lab will comprise of some of the key feature

1.Work Benches:

All work top should be compatible with antimicrobial property Stainless steel or any SEFA 3 certified product is well suited. Some customer uses natural stones as it is easily available in India, but proper sanitization is needed. The underbench cabinets shall be drawers and shutter combination with leg space. Some prefers all cabinets should be drawer type so that lot of slides can be stores. This is a choice of customer. But full door type is also in need as user may needed to keep some manuals or spares below the bench.

2.Reagent Racks

All working benches shall be fitted with reagents racks. The racks will be designed to access the user with their daily reagents. The rack should be designed to carry the bottle load. In two tier reagent racks the lower tier is meant for 1-liter bottles and upper one was below 1 liter. These will help user to handle the bottle properly. The rack shelves also have height adjusting facility. Electrical trunking will be fitted with the shelves for easy access.

3.Fume Hood or Specialty Hood

Fume hood also a part of the laboratory. Apart from the general chemistry hoods the Covid lab shall have built with pathogen handling capability. The internal surface may be SS or non-microbial material. The LED light should be chemical sensitive. Using a glove port front is the best solution for handling pathogenic samples.

4.Waste Disposal

The waste from the Lab is to be handling as per SOP of the local Pollution board. Normally any biological waste, used Swab, PPE should be burned (Incinerated at 800 deg). The sink drainage never relates to regular building draining line. Drainpipe should be SS or HDPE.

5.Lab HVAC

For Any virology lab air contamination is the prime factor. It carries maximum pathogen to the user. Hepa Filters need to be checked on regular interval. The filtration class is important. Proper air lock must be used to make a barrier with the lab to the outsiders

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