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Always there is a vast requirement of Lab Cabinets and many other Lab Furniture Designers in many areas of Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Nashik. Since we are one of the most active manufacturers and designers in India, we lookout for clients from every State of India and around the World. We have the best team to make sure you have customized needs for your state of the requirement for Medical Labs. 

The overall new trends coming in India or happening in the other states of the World are just amazing. Looking at the current age of medical need, we build an outstanding experience for you. LabGuard offers complete and easy solutions with Top Online Lab Designers to solve your problems and give a 100% solution. The designers can identify a wide range of supervision and conceptual design to full turnkey construction until it’s the final settlement. 

Since we are in the market for the past 20 years, we handle it all for you. It may be Lab Cabinet, Equipment, Lab Designer, or even Lab Furniture Designs. 

1. Lab Cabinet

Now some excellent top designers handle your requirement for best Lab Cabinet Storages. Here we already have some spectrum designs for you. It includes General chemical storage cabinets, Polypro cabinets, flammable material storage cabinet, highly corrosive chemical storage cabinet, Slotted Angle racks cabinets, glassware/ file storage cabinets and there are many more as follows.

2. Lab Furniture 

There are many Lab Furniture and their designs needed according to the medical requirement. And this includes Flexis- ‘C’ Frame System, Flexis+ Sliding ‘C’ Frame System, Actis Pedestal Based Lab Furniture System, Educational Lab Furniture, Stainless Steel Furniture, and Anti Vibration Table. While you get connected to us, our designs will guide you through the best lab furniture requirements. 

Call us to Enquire! 

Many times, you have an urgent requirement for your pharmaceutical company, and you search for top designers, in this case, if you are looking for the similar profile, get connected to us immediately, we will help you through. 

3. Essential Equipment

 Each healthcare company does have the most fantastic design, which they think is excellent to use them as necessary equipment. These mostly include pass box, utility taps, utility nozzles, spot extractors, and many as such. Top Lab Designers identify it all for you!

Some of them also include the following – 

· Acrylic Hood 

· Lab Stools 

· Lab Chairs 

· SS Canopy Hood

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