Top Storage Cabinet Supplier for Laboratory in Mumbai

LabGuard is one of the Top Storage Cabinet Suppliers for Laboratories in Mumbai, India. Today in India there are almost many healthcare companies and laboratories established. It is expected that by 2022, there will be healthcare market growth of counting the US $372 billion.

People you can’t wait to plan out and depend upon the traditional factors of storage, the technology growth is giving 100% safe and secure results when compared to caring health and medications in this century.

We are excited to serve you more often with many types of cabinet storage.

Here are the following types of Storage Cabinet Supplier: –

Chemical Storage

Now the best part of being laboratory chemical storage cabinet suppliers is making sure you get the best product and services from us.

Here are the general chemical storage guidelines for you-

  • Use the most compatible, corrosive resistant storage trays that is polypropylene which is recommended as a secondary containment easily hold back spills, leak, drips from a primary storage container.
  • It’s important to note that the storage cabinets and the shelves should be made with some compatible with chemicals being stored.
  • Never store heavy material on lower shelves, this will help you avoid accidents
  • Always whenever there is a leakage in the container, it should be replaced by a new container or new set up.
  • Always avoid storing chemicals on the top of cabinets or other shelves that are higher than 5 feet. In case of more height cabinets use a step stool for retrieving materials that are stored where you are not able to reach.
  • Always maintain 18 inches of clearance from the area of fire sprinkler heads to make sure whether it’s functioning properly or no.

Now you can easily contact us for more details for laboratory chemical storage cabinets. Contact to get complete solutions for your healthcare company. We are excited to solve your queries.

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Once you have known our products and services you can contact us without hesitate, feel free to ask as questions, our experts will help you through!

Now there are many storage cabinets which are supplied by LabGuard, few are mentioned here: –

  1. Polypro Cabinet
  2. Flammable Material Storage
  3. Highly Corrosive Chemical Storage
  4. Slotted Angle Racks
  5. Glassware/ File Storage Cabinet
  6. Overhead Storage Cabinet
  7. Overhead File Storage Cabinet for Island table

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