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Quality Fume Hoods

Quality Furniture are always very important for ever healthcare clinic, it can be a small clinic, laboratory or a big laboratory. The importance of choosing a good quality furniture from LabGuard can be a good instrument for keeping your products safe and secured from any incident and dangerous reactions of chemicals. It can be or laboratory furniture, just the way you pick yourself up is very important.

We have some excellent quality laboratory furniture– there are as follows- 

  • Flexis- ‘C’ Frame System
  • Flexis+ Sliding ‘C’ Frame System
  • Actis Pedestal Based Lab Furniture System
  • Educational Lab Furniture
  • Stainless Steel Furniture
  • Anti-Vibration Table

We also have some excellent quality fume hoods as follows –

  • Inventa – High Performance Fume Hoods
  • Adventa – The Specious Fume Hoods
  • Polypro – For Acid Application
  • Optima – Educational Fume Hood
  • Radioisotope – Fume Hood
  • Walk-In hoods
  • Green Fume Hood
  • Glove Port Fume Hood

The benefits of Choosing Quality Laboratory and Fume Hoods in India?

1.Cost effective Price

The cost effective and quality furniture are now available at LabGuard in Mumbai, Maharashtra in India. It can be your own designer or it can be your own businessman and group of teams in your company. They may tell you to get rid of old and tired furniture, you as a buyer would always want to get cost effective price for your purchase. Stay connected for more information online! Call us to chose your favourite lab furniture. Get the high quality one for your new laboratory furniture systems in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Pune.

2. Reconfiguration Options at all times

Laboratory furniture for businesses is a good choice and important one that can easily help you re-structure your lab set up any time during the years as these are high quality laboratories and fume hoods. Obviously, you invest in something very important and for long term. So, your clinic laboratory be in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Pune. Each piece that is acquire and purchased by the client is wonderfully shaped for the long-term benefit. We understand how important is this for you! Enquire your details now! We would love to talk to you.

3.Designed to Meet Safety Standards with High Quality

As we have already introduced many modular lab furniture, fume hoods made by the high quality of products. It feels great to meet your requirements and be an excellent supplier for your need. The need of every customer is minutely observed and given some outstanding supplies for their Lab set up.

Know the lab environment can be in a great risk so we make sure you are into a safe zone rather than polluting your environmental areas and affecting the health.

Now if you are going through any difficulties in figuring out your choice of fume hoods or any laboratory furniture then please feel free to call us now!

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