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A Fume Hood (sometimes called a Fume cupboard) is a type of local ventilation device that is designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes & vapors in a lab. Fume hood is a single most essential component in a chemical laboratory furniture where chemical reactions are carried out. LabGuard is an expert leading fume hood manufacturer in India. We have wide range of chemical fume hoods for hyour labs: be it an R&D lab, QC lab, Educational labs or a third party testing lab; you are all covered with LabGuard fume hoods.

Further, fume hoods have following broad types:-

  • Bench top fume hoods
  • Low bench fume hoods (Also called as Distillation fume hoods)
  • Walk-in fume hoods (Also called as Floor mounted fume hoods)
  • Perchloric acid fume hoods with wash down system
  • Radioisotope fume hoods with HEPA filters
  • Ductless fume hoods (with carbon filters)

Most LabGuard fume hoods are tested for ASHRAE 110: 2016 and EN 14175: 2003 performance standards and certified by third party too. Those also comply with SEFA-1 standard. Also, the fume hood performance can be tested in LabGuard’s state of the art in-house fume hood test facility.

Inventa - High Performance Fume Hoods

Inventa EX and LX are our international range of fume hoods and incorporate the latest in fume hood technology. Inventa offers you component...

Polypro - For Acid Application

India’s first fully featured Polypro fume hood. Made of high quality imported Polypropylene sheet. Complying ...

Optima - Educational Fume Hood

This is a low cost model designed for use in academic and low duty settings where hazards are known and understood. This model gives great f...

Radioisotope - Fume Hood

These fume hoods are specially designed for creating a safe environment when working with radioactive isotopes. Built on the skeleton of the...

Walk-In hoods

Certain specialized equipment and experiments call for specific customization of the fume hood. At LabGuard we strive to accommodate client ...

Ductless Fume Hood

This is one of the most modern and green ranges of fume hood introduced by LabGuard. There is no need for a duct and reduces power consumpti...

Glove Port Fume Hood

Physical barrier to protect end user from Hazardous material. Full isolation of sample with end user. Easy hatch back system for change of reactions. Available in all adverse Chemical Resistance inner liner matrial.
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