Glove Port Fume Hood

  1. Physical barrier to protect end user from Hazardous material as well as carcinogenic reaction
  2. Full isolation of sample with end user and easy access to the reaction.
  3. Easy hatch back system for change the reactions.
  4. Available in all adverse Chemical resistance inner liner material.


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LabGuard Furniture and Fume hoods offer you a wide range of accessories. Just click on the tabs below to find out more information about the various options that we offer you.

High performance hoods
LabGuard’s own research has led to the development of this system. Our research team has incorporated a number of aerodynamic enhancements into the fume hood. The system requires significantly less airflow than conventional auto bypass hoods, while giving you total safety. This leads to great savings in airflow and is economical in the long run.
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5/15A sockets & switch
Used for majority instruments.
20A industrial sockets & MCB
For heavy duty equipments.
16A plastic BCH & MCB
For heavy duty equipments.
J20A metal BCH & MCB
For heavy duty equipments.
Flameproof sockets with rotary switches
For flameproof area
Utility Valves:
LabGuard offers you wide range of utility taps and service fittings suitable for every budget. You can choose between imported Italian taps or quality taps made by Indian manufacturers. Imported taps comply with all relevant European standards such as DIN 12898 regulation as well as any relevant ISO standards. They give you very fine and precise control. The Indian taps are very high quality and they also employ needle valves offering you great flexibility at lower prices.
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LabGuard blowers
Poly Propylene +FRP Indian blowers, PP impeller, high efficiency
Imported blowers
Moulded Poly Propylene (Single piece, no joints) High efficiency
Packed bed scrubber for pollution free air
HEPA filter
For radioisotope applications
Activated Carbon Filter
For filtering moderate level fumes
For general chemistry applications.
For high acid digestion processes.
Derlin Glove Port 200mm x 250mm Piercan make with CSM Sleeves & Isolator Gloves.
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