Green Fume Hood


This is one of the most modern and green ranges of fume hood introduced by LabGuard. There is no need for a duct and reduces power consumption and lesser operating cost. We use licensed technology from our global partners to deliver this best in class product for discerning customers.


Safety Tested in accordance with: AFNOR NF 15 211 EN 14175-3 ASHARE 110:1995
Cost Savings Eliminate air supply & extraction systems very low energy consumption Low operating costs reduced investment cost
Mobility Environment standalone system,no ductwork required ,Flexibility in lab planning ,Easy to relocate ,No pollutants released into the atmosphere ,Eliminate CO2 linked to energy production
fume hood


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LabGuard Furniture and Fume hoods offer you a wide range of accessories. Just click on the tabs below to find out more information about the various options that we offer you.

Black granite
Average chemical resistance. Suitable for general chemistry applications.
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Solid ceramic slab
Premium quality, material with very good chemical resistance. Brittle in nature, not for high impact applications.
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Epoxy worktop
Premium quality material with high chemical resistance
Trespa Toplab Plus/Fundermax/ HPL Indian
Very good chemical resistance. Premium material
5/15A sockets & switch
Used for majority instruments.
20A industrial sockets & MCB
For heavy duty equipments.
16A plastic BCH & MCB
For heavy duty equipments.
J20A metal BCH & MCB
For heavy duty equipments.
Flameproof sockets with rotary switches
For flameproof area
Utility Valves:
LabGuard offers you wide range of utility taps and service fittings suitable for every budget. You can choose between imported Italian taps or quality taps made by Indian manufacturers. Imported taps comply with all relevant European standards such as DIN 12898 regulation as well as any relevant ISO standards. They give you very fine and precise control. The Indian taps are very high quality and they also employ needle valves offering you great flexibility at lower prices.
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Trespa Athlon
Trespa Athlon
PRL Indian
PRL Indian
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