Flexis Lab Furniture (C frame series) : Flexible lab furniture for demanding lab environments

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Flexis laboratory furniture is highly flexible and adaptable to changing demands of the lab. It is relatively easy to shift and allows for easy portability of the cabinets. Flexis also offers you a high load bearing capacity so that you can place your heavy lab equipments on it. Since cabinets can be easily moved, you get easy access to the rare ducts. That means you can easily carry out maintenance of your utility services without disturbing your lab equipments.

Available options:
  • Flexis
  • Flexi-Mobile (on castors)
Suitable for Research & Development Labs


Regularly crossing milestones

LabGuard Furniture and Fume hoods offer you a wide range of accessories. Just click on the tabs below to find out more information about the various options that we offer you.

5/15A sockets & switch
Used for majority instruments.
20A industrial sockets & MCB
For heavy duty equipments.
5/15A sockets & switch
Used for majority instruments.
16A plastic BCH & MCB
For heavy duty equipments.
20A metal BCH & MCB
For heavy duty equipments.
Flameproof sockets with rotary switches**
For flameproof area.
Data points**
CAT 6 type for LAN connection.
Voice points**
For telephone connection.
With built-in mousepad.
Pullout Tray
Meant for LCMS system or any other such application requiring vacuum pump.
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Reagent Racks
LabGuard reagent racks are available two tiered and come with glass top as standard. They are designed for easy attachment of the Scaffolding Grid enabling you to easily mount stirrers, distillation columns etc. For the Flexis system adjustable reagent racks are also available
  • Reagent racks are available in two and three tiered, with adjustable shelves.
  • It is designed for mounting the overhead file cabinets and also attachment of Scaffolding which enables easy mounting of stirrers, distillation columns etc.
  • Electrical raceways with data and voice points can be mounted for convenience of end user.
  • Dimensions:For island tables: +300 mm depth. For side tables: +150 mm depth
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Black granite
Average chemical resistance. Suitable for general chemistry applications.
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Solid ceramic slab
Premium quality, material with very good chemical resistance. Brittle in nature, not for high impact applications.
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Epoxy worktop
Premium quality material with high chemical resistance
Used for Hydro Fluoric Acid applications often in conjunction with Wash down system.
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SS 304
For radioisotope or medical applications.
SS 316L
For food grade or medical applications.
Not chemical resistant. Used for office areas/ instrument labs.
Resistant to most chemicals, except HF. Brittle in nature.
Trespa Toplab Plus/Fundermax/ HPL Indian
Very good chemical resistance. Premium material
Utility Fittings
LabGuard offers you wide range of utility taps and service fittings suitable for every budget. You can choose between imported Italian taps or quality taps made by Indian manufacturers. Imported taps comply with all relevant European standards such as DIN 12898 regulation as well as any relevant ISO standards. They give you very fine and precise control. The Indian taps are very high quality and they also employ needle valves offering you great flexibility at lower prices.
  • Water: 1 way over the sink
  • Water: 3 way over the sink
  • water / gas :1 way bench mounted
  • water / gas :2 way bench mounted
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Suitable for all standard chemistry work; except heavy duty solvent usage.
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Suitable for aggressive chemicals like acids and alkalies
Stainless Steel
Suitable for Moderate chemicals and solvents
Pegboards to dry glass wares small size
To install on smaller wash sinks. Has 16/30 pegs.
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