On par with the finest
Reputations are built on solid foundations. At LabGuard, our exceptional product quality has always been our biggest brand ambassador. Quality is not an accident when we pursue engineering with zeal and passion of craftsmen; our key drivers of superior quality are:

Complete In-house Manufacturing

LabGuard is an 100% Indian company which designs and manufactures high performance products at its integrated 6 acre integrated manufacturing facility near Pen. With its team of 150 professionals, it serves Indian domestic markets along with African, Middle East Asian and South East Asian countries.

High quality Raw Material

LabGuard strictly uses premium chemical resistant steel grades, powders and hardware for all its products. That’s why LabGuard products are durable and long lasting and perform far better under harsh conditions.

Passes all Global Standards

Be it SEFA 1,8 or 10, ASHRAE 110 or EN 14175; LabGuard fume hoods and furniture meet all global standards with flying colours. That simply means, when you buy LabGuard products; you are covered by LabGuard’s quality and safety standards.

Excellent Finishing

We pay special attention to finishing. Be it pre-treatment, powder coating or product assembly, our QC team takes great pride in ensuring that the look and feel of the product is world class.

Innovation and Automation

Regularly crossing milestones
Our dedicated automation and experienced design team has developed many innovative and end user experience enhancing features such as:
Automatic sash closure system
Step-VAV system
Temperature controller & stirrer regulator system
Automatic fire extinguisher system
Timer system for fume exhaust
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